10 year student visa GUARANTEED | 100% work placement | Exelent English coarse

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Wecon provides

You with the education and facilities you need to just get by

Mediocre certifications

Our courses are recognized by hardly any university across the globe, opening gateways for our students to best pursue the career they didn’t choose.

A flexible education

No credentials, no problem. Wecon college ensures that all our students manage to fulfill our low-entry requirements. We’ll find a way, even if you don’t meet them.

International Student Community

At Wecon college, we strive to provide as many international students with the opportunity to study in Malaysia. Our profit is your right.

Lenient educators

Our educators are of top notch quality, only made from the finest materials and ingredients, sourced from the heart of Asia.

Wecon’s focus

01. Students growth

At Wecon college, we want to see our students grow and flourish through education and life experiences, such as losing their passport, or their visa, or their will to live.

02. Unique extra-curricular activities

Wecon college strives to promote a diverse and exciting syllabus with new programmes every month. Upcoming courses include: construction work, .

03. Learning Best Practices

At Wecon college, students can choose to either study or work with zero remuneration. You can easily choose from a variety of 12-hour jobs available to all Wecon students.

04. Extended education

For the student who can’t get enough of studying, Wecon college offers student visas of up to 10 years. For studying.

Find out more about Wecon

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